A driver reportedly ignore warnings when the Washington Park draw-bridge was opening and drove onto the bridge getting their vehicle stuck in the bridge Friday afternoon. Photo Credit: Randy Berryman

Vehicle Gets Stuck in Washington Park Draw-bridge

Drivers are being detoured away from the Washington Park draw-bridge after a vehicle reportedly became stuck in the bridge while driving over the bridge as it was opening Friday afternoon according to a Facebook post.

According to the post that was posted in a Michigan City Facebook group, the driver was warned several times by the bridge operator to not move forward as the bridge was opening.


The driver allegedly ignored the warnings and continued driving around the gate and onto the bridge ultimately getting stuck in the bridge.

A photo captured by a bystander shows the vehicle partially crushed in the rear where it was caught.


An official statement from the Michigan City Police Department has not yet been released at this time.

More information will be provided as soon as it is available.


Residents and visitors wanting to attend the Great Lakes Grand Prix are asked to take alternative routes and avoid the area until responders can remove the vehicle and assess damages to the bridge.

3 thoughts on “Vehicle Gets Stuck in Washington Park Draw-bridge

  1. You have the facts completely wrong on this! You need to research and get the right information. The drivers were not warned by any operator. There were no warnings prior to car already being past the gate on the bridge. Why would an operator raise the bridge with a car on the wrong side of the gate is my question!? Get your facts straight. I will say I was proud to hear the Good Samaritans that help the people out of the car prior to any responders even being there.

    1. Mike: Weird that multiple news sources have the same story and you end with “I was proud to hear..” so you weren’t there but know all the facts. Cool story and rant.

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