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Shoppers Evacuated from Michigan City WalMart Due to Alleged Sprinkler System Malfunction

Shoppers evacuated from Michigan City WalMart after alleged sprinkler system malfunction.



MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — Shoppers were evacuated from the Michigan City WalMart Friday evening after what one resident says was a sprinkler system malfunction.

Rumors spread quickly on social media immediately following the evacuation with some users claiming there was a shooting while others claimed the cause was an electrical fire.

The actual cause for the evacuation has yet to be confirmed by Michigan City Police or WalMart officials, however, one resident stated that she heard responders on a police band scanner stating that a faulty sprinkler system was to blame.

Michigan City Journal contacted the Michigan City WalMart manager where we were told they were unable to release any information on the incident.

We are currently waiting for more information from the Michigan City Police Department and will update this story as soon as it is available.

Luis Izquierdo is a freelance journalist born and raised in Florida. Luis has published hundreds of articles on numerous online and print publications throughout the United States.

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