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Michigan City Journal | October 19, 2018

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Police Investigate Threat to Michigan City High School

Police Investigate Threat to Michigan City High School
Luis Izquierdo

Officers from the Michigan City Police Department are investigating a threat to the local high school after a student posted threatening comments on social media Monday night.

According to witnesses, a Michigan City High School student, whose name is being withheld due to age, posted a message on the Snapchat social media platform stating, “Bout clear the high school [tomorrow] idc anymore I told u my [demon] was coming out and they are going show [tomorrow].”


A Michigan City High School student posted this comment on Snapchat Monday night threatening students.

The student also sent disturbing messages to another student in Facebook messenger which were also posted to social media by concerned parents.

In the messages, the student sent a photo of what appears to be a shotgun, followed by a message that read: “Go ahead and laugh and see what happen[s] when I point it at your head.”


This message was sent from the suspected student to another student via Facebook messenger Monday night.

After receiving numerous calls from concerned parents, officers began investigating the threats.

An official with the Michigan City Police Department posted on their Facebook page advising parents and students that they were “dealing with this matter”.


Michigan City Journal reached out to the department, but more information on this incident has not been made available at this time.

Many parents are concerned for their students’ safety and are asking if there are any extra safety measures being taken at the school tomorrow. No responses have been posted to their questions at the time of this report.

Update: Student Located and Arrested After Posting Threats on Social Media


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