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Pita Shak Grows at New Location with Live Music, Hot Cars, and Great Food

Pita Shak delivers more than just gyros at their new Michigan City and LaPorte locations including beer, spirits, and music!



Many residents are already familiar with the “King of Gyros” in Michigan City and their famous gyros. But Pita Shak has managed to kick it up a notch after serving delicious meals to the community for three decades.

In the past couple of months, things have progressed pretty quickly for Mediterranean restaurant and the owners have been fortunate enough to spread their mouthwatering dishes outside of Michigan City.

After serving many satisfied customers in Michigan City, the owners decided to open a new location in LaPorte and also recently moved their Michigan City restaurant to a new location on Franklin Street in the old Lindos building.

The new building, located at 3940 Franklin Street offers a larger space to accommodate more diners as well as a beautiful outdoor patio complete with a stone fireplace to keep you warm and cozy during the winter nights.

The outdoor patio is also a great place to come and hang out while you sip your favorite brew especially since along with the new location, Pita Shak owners also acquired a beer and liquor license.

During our visit we walked in and were greeted immediately by a smiling hostess who directed us to the new lounge area, a space secluded from the main dining area in the restaurant where guests can enjoy their spirits or beer in a cozy comfortable setting equipped with two televisions to ensure you don’t miss any moment of the game.

The restaurant was very appealing with its mid-tone lighting and unique decor, one of our favorites being the wine glass chandeliers.

As we sat down at our booth, we were met with yet another smiling face from our server within seconds of taking our seats.

We place our order for a double cheeseburger and one of their famous gyros which arrived within ten minutes from the time we ordered.

The moment the burger arrived, you could immediately tell from the looks of it that it was hand-pressed fresh ground beef, a very refreshing sight after becoming accustomed to the average frozen beef patty from other eateries.

The burger and the fries arrived piping hot and the first bite of the burger lived up to its looks. The burger was cooked perfectly with a very slight char on the outside while remaining juicy on the inside.

The gyro came stuffed full of gyro meat with onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, and feta cheese piled high on top and also proved to be just as good as the burger.

The gyro also arrived at our table hot and in one bite you can tell the tzatziki sauce was homemade.

Throughout our experience, our waitress kept a watchful eye on our drinks and did not let either one of our glasses to empty before replacing it with another.

At the end of our meal, we had the pleasure of speaking to one of the owners, Pam Harrison.

Harrison told us that they are now entering their fourth week at their new location and things are looking great.

Harrison stated they are utilizing the outdoor patio to host their “Throttle Thursday’s” where they invite locals to bring their hot rods and motorcycles and enjoy great drink and dinner specials beginning at 5 p.m. along with live entertainment.

Harrison told us they recently hired Soul Shine, an Indiana band that “plays to the crowd”.

“They look at the crowd and play what the crowd likes, they just know,” stated Harrison.

Soul Shine is scheduled to play again at Pita Shak during their next Throttle Thursday event on July 26.

Whether you are looking for a family night out, a relaxing night with your special someone, or just to hang out with friends, Pita Shak’s new locations can provide!

For our review, we rated our experience at Pita Shak’s new location a 5/5 for Food Quality since our food arrived hot and cooked perfectly. For cleanliness, we rated them a 5/5 for keeping the floors, tables, and seats clean and free of any crumbs, stickiness, or debris under the table. They also received a 5/5 for service for being prompt, attentive, and offering excellent service with a smile as well as having the owner come and personally check on us after our meal. Finally, for the price, we awarded them a 5/5 for offering great quality food in abundant portions at prices comparable to fast food chains. For our dinner for two, we totaled $22 including drinks without gratuity.

For more information or ordering, visit Pita Shak on Facebook.

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