Michigan City police and firefighters closed off a portion of Pahs Road Thursday night after a deadly accident brought down power lines and two power poles. The road has now been reopened and is safe for traveling.

Pahs Road Reopened After Deadly Crash

The portion of Pahs Road that was closed Thursday night due to a fatal accident has been reopened and is now safe for travel according to Michigan City Police.

A portion of Pahs road that was closed off Thursday night has now been reopened according to Michigan City Police.

The road was closed at approximately 7:30 p.m. Thursday night from Woodland Avenue through Chickadee Drive after a driver collided with two power poles causing several explosions and leaving the power poles damaged.


As a result, no traffic was allowed through the area, including local residents, who were asked to park their cars up the road outside of the closed off section.

Although the section of road was located in front of Michigan City High School, school operations were not affected by the closure.


NIPSCO workers were able to get the power lines and poles replaced by early Friday morning opening up normal traffic flow.

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