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Michigan City Journal | October 19, 2018

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Michigan City Wal-Mart Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Michigan City Wal-Mart Evacuated After Bomb Threat
Luis Izquierdo

MICHIGAN CITY – Shoppers making their last-minute Black Friday shopping were unexpectedly evacuated from the Michigan City Wal-Mart after the store received a bomb threat at just after 1 pm according to Michigan City Police.

Officers from the Michigan City Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, and other local agencies arrived on the scene as shoppers waited in the parking lot while bomb-sniffing K-9 officers searched the building.


The search did not reveal any threats in the building and once the store was cleared, employee’s reopped and let shoppers back in.

Detictives are still investigating the incident to find out who is responsible.


More information will be released as it is available.

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