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Michigan City Journal | July 15, 2019

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Marquette High Sells Mums to Fund Schools Retreat and Service Programs

Marquette High School begins their sale of chrysanthemums in order to help raise funds for the school's retreat and service programs.
Luis Izquierdo

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — Students at Marquette Catholic High School will begin selling Chrysanthemums, or more commonly known as “mums” a colorful flower native to Asia and northeastern Europe to help raise funds for the school’s retreat and service programs according to a Marquette High spokesperson.

Residents can purchase the potted flowers for $8 each beginning August 20 by filling out an order form and turning it into the school’s main office along with their payment no later than September 7.


The flowers will be available in white, gold, burgundy, pink, purple, and orange and will come in an 8-inch pot.

Those who order can pick up their mums at the Marquette Mansion located at 220 W. 10th Street on Septer 13 and 14 or can choose to have the plants delivered to them locally for an additional $5.


Chrysanthemums are very colorful flowers that contain a chemical called pyrethrum making the flowers a natural bug repellant to most bugs.

For more information on the mums or the programs Marquette High has going on, please contact the main office at (219) 873-1325.


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